Last Tuesday, I promised you that I would send you one of my amazing interviews with a client who released a sabotaging behaviour she had been struggling with. AND breaking promises is NOT acceptable to me (I’m really not joking about this)

So now I am following through with my promise to you…

Before I do that, though, I wanted to share a story about me.

This is a picture of me at about 12 years old with my horse Brandee.

This is a collage of pictures I put together many years back and the only few pictures I have of him.  He played such an important part in my life.  I actually credit him for saving my life.  In those early teenage years, things got pretty bad for me emotionally and I actually thought of ending my life.  If it wasn’t for my love of Brandee, the connection we had, and the ability to be able to share my most deepest secrets with him, helped me overcome my darkest moments.

Only a couple years later, he left my life and I was devastated.

BUT…through Past Life Regression I was able to experience our soul contract.  I learned that I have been with him several lifetimes and even into future lives.  He comes to me in a pivotal time in that life to help me see the light where there is only darkness. He also has come to me in Past Life Regression to remind me what joy, connection, and what unconditional love feels like.  These are powerful life lessons that even though he physically isn’t in my life, he still connects with me and reminds me the importance of these life experiences. This has brought a peace within my soul, I can’t even describe in words.

Whether this story seems too far out for you or you can relate, stay with me here. Because….I was a non believer and very skeptical but our past life experiences hold a key to significant healing.

How does this connect to you?  What if you too could experience a re-connection that connects you to a significant experience that will help you in the very best way in this present life? What if you could zero in on you sabotaging behavior and release the karmic energy that keeps you in the habitual pattern?  What if you could enhance your intuitive abilities and step up in your gifts so you can make a bigger impact in the world? Or maybe you experience a wonderful healing experience that you never imagined.

Whether you have a Past Life Story or not, I’d love to hear YOUR story… If you could take a minute and post YOUR story, in our Facebook Group HERE, I will give you the royal treatment by personally responding 🙂

Ok, so now that we’re not strangers anymore… check this out:

Real Life Stories of Past Life Regression

This is the interview I promised to send you, about how we unlocked and healed  Shayna’s Real Life Past Life Regression Story  before using Past Life Regression to overcome her sabotaging behaviours.

AND in fact, it’s the same process I use over and over again with people to help them heal, find their soul’s purpose, and overcome those sabotaging behaviours that have a grip on you and hold you back from the life you are meant to live.

Imagine knowing exactly how to overcome sabotaging behaviours.  We may feel victimized by these re-occuring behaviours.  BUT what if we came from a position that our soul is showing us for a reason, we could make big changes and overcome these challenges so to heal and move on.

Go Listen Now, and there’s more coming your way soon.

Big ((Hugs))

xoxo Paula

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