Over the years, I have learned to embrace life lessons.  Definitely some have been harder than others to overcome. Through it all, I have learned a lot and have become a better person for the experience.

When I first started in the helping field over 20 years ago, I definitely manifested great teachers and mentors to help me shift my old ways of thinking and teach me the art of letting go of past traumas and hurts that no longer served me.  I also leaned on their support as they showed me new ways of exploring and taking risks in the world.   These experiences have transformed my life in many ways.  Yet, one of the most challenging life lessons I still work on is the art of letting go of people.

Some relationships with people seemed natural as they moved away and we lose touch or with other friends we simply drifted apart.  Other relationships have been more challenging to let go because we have grown apart and tried to make it work, knowing full well we have different interests, different beliefs, and changing mindset which ultimately are directing us on different paths.

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

This knowledge has comforted me because I can see the lessons and the next level of growth that is being asked of me.  Which leads me to a personal story about an experience that reminded me to listen to my intuition.

I was involved in Past Life Regression planning with some women who live in different parts of North America.  We were planning a few projects together and building a business plan together.  A few months into the process, I felt a tinge (as Oprah would say a Whisper) and I didn’t trust the inner voice that now I know it was saying “this is not your path.”

We continued to plan each week and decided to meet in person.  Again the date being presented worked for all four of us (again a voice said I am not sure I will be able to meet them).  I had no reason just a gut instinct and I ignored it.  As the time got closer, I know I couldn’t go to meet the group. They met and are planning some great things.  Yet, the voice said to me again, you need to say goodbye.  What!!! How could I let these women go?  These feelings made no sense to me.  Then the whisper came again.  I have to say goodbye. I love these ladies how could I let them go?

When I said goodbye, I literally curled up in a fetal position and cried.  A good friend and business partner came and listened and sat with me and reminded me people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  Hearing that teaching in that moment, gave me permission to wish them well and know that my decision was the right one.

The knowledge that I had made the right decision was even reflected in my body. Despite over a decade of yoga practice, I have tight hips. As our group began our Past-Life Regression business planning my hips started to ache. Over time the pain increased to the point that I couldn’t even lie on my side.  The day after I said goodbye to the group the hip that was bothering me released, and I felt such relief in my whole body.  I was not expecting this healing at all.  My massage therapist, reported that my hip fascia had released a few inches, easing the pain I had been carrying for months. As Louise Hay would say, that hip issue was about fear of moving forward.

Once I let them go, this opened up opportunities for me.  I had six new women confirm with me a PLR private session and they have since planned ongoing sessions.  This experience also reinforced the importance of listening to my body and intuition.

Where in your life are you hearing a whisper? Are there relationships or circumstances you need to let go?  I invite you to take a moment of reflection and to follow you inner knowledge and wisdom.

I hope this serves you!

Much Love,

Paula Johnson XOX