I joined Paula’s Wealth and Abundance course 6 months ago and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been the most transformative and beautiful 6 months that I have ever lived. By having Paula’s unwavering guidance and support, I was assisted every step of the way on this journey into my new life.

I learned to recognize how wealth & abundance tied into my old belief systems about money and I’m certain it would have predicted my future behaviours as well if I had not taken this 6 month course to break apart all the old worn out habits I had been carrying around with me. At one point in the program, Paula suggested we compile a list of goals we wanted to achieve, and when I look back I crushed them all! I attained the goals in every area of my life that I had wanted to improve on. I wanted to create travel, I travelled. I wanted to create wealth, I paid off debt. I wanted to become a yoga teacher, I became one. I wanted to attract a loving, caring man into my life, I have one! I wanted to shift with my work and career, it shifted. This may not sound easy, and you may be thinking that sounds IMPOSSIBLE, that’s not me! I can’t do that! but I guarantee, YOU CAN. I am living proof!! We just need to provide ourselves the opportunity to shine, and with the support of a loving, caring person like Paula, I guarantee you will feel  supported every step of the way and you too, will look back in 6 months in a state of appreciation, gratitude and awe! Thank you so much Paula! 💛 For changing my life. I feel truly blessed.

Amber Lynch

One of the most significant things I took away from Paula’s abundance workshop was an awareness of the language I use about money. I began to recognize my pattern of giving away power and control to others where abundance is concerned. I also recognized a theme of shame running throughout many of my financial decisions. I began to see the guilt and shame I experienced when I started to succeed or had good things come my way and others around me were struggling. This awareness has led to a deliberate daily practice of gratitude and celebration of the nice things I have and I feel so much more abundant as a result. I also believe that my relationships are changing because of this new practice. My focus is much more on the positive and on the multitude of possibilities ahead of me.

Shona Jackson

Paula Johnson is inspirational, honest, genuine and compassionate.  She is able to hold space for other’s pain and suffering, while allowing room to consider possibility, hope and freedom without pushing for any particular outcome.  Paula facilitated a Manifesting Abundance group which created the opportunity for me to open the door and invite in the abundance that is available to me.  With Paula’s guidance, I could reflect on what stops me from accepting abundance in my life and express my deepest desires for how I really want to live.  It may sound simple, but I found this task to be extremely challenging.  Paula’s presence, encouragement and patience allowed me to be honest with myself, to let go of fears that keep me stuck and take a risk to change my life.  Since taking this course, my life has completely changed.  I am experiencing the things I envisioned every day.  The tools that Paula provided are applicable even now, as life is a journey that keeps evolving.  Change is tough and it’s natural to want to slip back into what is comfortable and familiar such as old patterns, habits and beliefs.  These tools give me the courage to see all that is available to me.  I would encourage anyone who wants experience life to the fullest to contact Paula.
Carrie Barker

There was a time in my life when I felt that every door had closed in on me and only darkness came with each day. I was guided to see Paula Johnson during these tumultuous times in my life, and I will forever thank her for her graceful compassion, skills, expertise, support and integrated work that re-opened my heart’s passion. Paula is in touch with life. She has truly lived her own experiences, is interested in listening to others and is ever on her own path of learning. This makes her open and easy to trust. Paula was my tour guide rather than a dictator. She let me be the director of my own life, offering sensitive suggestions at crossroads. Through our work I released a significant amount of emotion from my past, allowing me to be more fully present with myself. One of the most recent activities I had the privilege to experience with Paula was a PLR (past life regression) where I connected to three of my other lives. Paula helped me to see how my other lives are attached to the life I am currently experiencing and how letting go of old, limiting, belief patterns from my other lives makes space for more of what I want in this life. In closing, I will say that Paula Johnson is a compassionate person, on a life long journey of learning and healing herself, who will do her utmost to see her clients succeed in ways that are valuable and meaningful to them.
Emily White

I dealt with debilitating family illnesses, chronic pain, death, grief, loss and complex trauma. Paula has consistently been a pivotal part of my Self care plan. I have found her to be open to different modalities of treatment, and very client-led in our sessions. I’ve participated in some of her additional training and found the supplemental learning to be very valuable in both my personal and professional lives. Paula is extremely accountable, empathetic, and caring. She is a professional that puts heart into her work with others. I have expanded my understanding of my Self tremendously through my work with Paula, and successfully ended patterns that were not working for me in my life.
I am a much better mother, partner, friend and individual engaged in growth through my work with Paula, and I feel fortunate that our paths crossed.
Lindsay Huddlestan

I took Paula’s Manifest wealth and abundance course. I just happened to see her posting on Facebook and it jumped out at me. Life gets a little busy sometimes and I felt I was just needing some focus in my life, needed to hit my re-start button. Bringing more wealth into your life is always a good thing, but abundance of love and personal health is important too. I felt after our few weeks together that I did experience and was able to manifest abundance. I always felt I could but my eyes were truly open to it now. The universe is open and abundance is there for me. Thank you!
Stacey Dunn