Over the last month, I have been sharing with you how Past Life Healing experiences have changed people’s lives. I held a live masterclass Finding Your Soul’s Purpose Through Past Life Regression last week, and now I want to give you a simple exercise to access your own Past Life healing experience in the comfort of our own home.

When I was first trained in Past Life Regression, I wasn’t sure how or why I would even use it.  See, I had never really heard about Past Life Regression before.  I think I had seen Dr. Brian Weiss in the early 2000s on Oprah but I never thought about it again.  Then about 5 years ago, I was listening to hay house radio and I heard Brian Weiss talking about his Past Life Regression training at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. I knew I had to go.  I knew nothing about Past Life Regression or Brian Weiss so this idea seemed crazy.  But I listened to this strong inner voice that said I had to go.  Sometimes my guidance makes little sense at the time.  Yet this is how things work, you get messages or a “whisper” and you follow it.

Have you ever had a whisper before that you followed?

What I have experienced and learned is Past Life Healings can be a very transformative experience of liberating yourself from sabotaging behaviors, releasing your limiting beliefs, freeing yourself from vows of poverty, letting go of pain, and even activating your gifts and talents to make a bigger impact in the world. 

Past Life Healings is a valuable experience to be able to tap into for knowledge, directions, inspiration, and purpose in our daily lives.  To enhance and deepen your skills and abilities, you can tap into your Past Lives.  This is how I use it in my work with people to transform their lives. 

Whether you have or haven’t experienced Past Life Regression before, here is a fun experiment you can try at home to gain confidence in accessing your Past Lives.   

Exercise One: Accessing Your Past Lives!

Find a quiet place and clear yourself of distractions.  With your journal and pen close by, take some breathes and close your eyes.  This is the way within.  Just focus on your breathing, allow your breathing to be nice and deep and even.  Visualize or imagine yourself, with each breath, inhaling the peaceful, positive energy that is all around you.  And with each breath out, exhaling all the tensions, anxieties, aches, and pains that you store in your body. 

Then looking at the list of words and phrases below, review each word.  Observe any mental images, scenes, and feelings as a result of the word or phrase.  Maybe a word jumps off the page or you take your time with each word and phrase to write what you receive.  Allow feelings that arise, images or symbols you see, or inner knowing flow across your mind and body. There is no right or wrong way. 

This can be an incredible exercise to give you clues into your past lives and can provide powerful information in accessing your past life information. 

Then by using free-association with emotionally charged words and phrases, I invite you to write what you experience as you go over each word and phrase. 

Here is the list of some words and phrase:

Medicine Man or Women     Forgiveness

Spear                                        Persecution and Inquisition

Orphan                                     Anxieties and Phobias

Monk or Nun                           Church

Ship                                           Soldiers Marching

Wars and Battles                     Atlantis

Unrequited Love                     Hanging

Officer                                       Scribe or Writer

Starvation                                 Slave

Some additional questions to journal about.

  1. What did I experience?
  2. Do I get a sense of the year or time period?
  3. What can I take away that can help me in my life now?

I would love to hear from you and hear your experience. 

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Big ((Hugs))

Paula xox