Do you have an inner critic? Does it run your life and make you feel small? The inner critic can deliver a stream of nagging negative thoughts and critical attitudes that says you are not good enough, not deserving enough, or you shouldn’t be doing that. This “voice” stops you from acting in your best interest and diminishes your self-esteem and your self-confidence. How many times has this “voice” stopped you from doing what you love and what you are put on here to do on this earth?

I’ve had this struggle too. I believed my inner critic for a long time, and let it stop me. I let it divert me from my goals.

Over the years, I have learned to quiet my inner critic. Far from resisting it, though, I have befriended the voice. I recognize that when my inner critic gets loud, it is because I am growing, expanding, and up-leveling my life. It chimes in when I am stretching myself to achieve the important things in life and tries to take me off track. I know see that inner voice as a gift that indicates opportunity for growth, healing, and busting through that glass ceiling that keeps me small

I know we all struggle with this no matter where we are in our lives. But you don’t have to let it stop you. Just last week I was speaking with someone I admire very much. I have known her for 20 years. She actually was one of my first professors and mentors in my training and schooling in psychotherapy. She is still a huge support to me professional and personally. She is always in my corner as a cheerleader and spurring me on to help me push past my comfort zone, listening to my challenges and triumphs, and always giving me sound advice.

Who can relate to this? As brilliant as she is she shared that she has been struggling to write her children’s book. It has been in her heart for many, many years. She has a special journal for writing this book. The idea for the book is amazing and will help so many children. Her inner critic took control and stopped her creative flow. In the midst of writing she recalled being humiliated as a young girl. This feeling came up and stopped her from writing. She believed that if she put herself out there, she would be humiliated. This is how deep our defeating beliefs lie and can stop us from doing what we are meant to do.

To share our gifts and be successful in the world, we need to know what our old “limiting” beliefs are so we don’t continue to be stopped by them. When we can face them and overcome them, we break through our ceiling that is keeping us small.

By recognizing our limiting beliefs, we can open up our ability to manifest more wealth in our life. When we feel good about ourselves and nurture the essences of who we are, we step into our GREATNESS! Then all is possible!

Much Love
Paula XOX