A Simple 3-Step Formula for Manifesting Wealth and Success in Your Life

I’m excited to write this blog post because I am sure it will resonate with so many of you. Have you been trying to move forward in life and manifest what you want, yet it feels like you are not getting ahead? Believe me, you are not alone!

Today I was speaking with a good friend of mine.  She is so talented and has been helping and healing people for more than 30 years.  She has moved away from the public sector world and taken flight in her own business, offering healing through alternative health, restorative yoga and chakra clearing.  I have taken several of her classes and training and have had amazing effects.  She is gifted but she still is struggling with manifesting more money in her life.  

In speaking with her it became clear that there are a few key issues stopping her from manifesting more financial wealth and success in her life.  

  1. Create a clear vision! It takes time to manifest.  For example, you need to know your specific vision of what you want to achieve and the inspired steps you will take to get there.  Without a vision and a plan, it is like going on a road trip with no map.  You don’t where you are going.  It is important to write this down.  Put pen to paper.  
  2. You can’t expect to do the same thing and get different results.  What became apparent from our conversation is she makes NO room in her schedule to create what she loves to do.  She wants to develop programs and write, but she has booked her time up with volunteering, household matters, and chaperoning school events that takes her away from what she is trying to create.  This may seem obvious but if you start to review where you put your time and how much you spend in your daily activities, you might be surprised that it isn’t going into what you truly love.  

As often as you can, ask yourself these questions:

  1. “What steps am I taking toward what I want to create?”
  2. “Am I making time in my life?”
  3. “Are my choices taking me closer or further from my goals?”

Often it can be helpful to write down three priorities for the day.  Inspired steps you absolutely need to do to take you closer to manifesting what you want.  

Note:  Usually the steps you are resisting are the most important.

  1. Make peace with your money story.  It was a big step for her to leave a “secure” paycheque and go into the unknown.  Her concern about having enough and commitment to providing for her family has stoked fear,  and she is now debating going back to a field she left to follow her dreams.  One of her “old” limiting money beliefs is “I can’t make money doing what I love”.  Her need to feel secure and her fear that she is not able to earn doing what she loves is making her rethink her decision to move forward in her business.  


This is a simple but powerful three-step formula that can help you better understand limiting beliefs, identify your goals and create the opportunity to achieve them. How we perceive our circumstances, wealth, and success directly impacts our ability to achieve our goals!  

Much Love,
Paula xox